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AP-Amapá - Calçoene
xinhan industri 1

R$ 10,00
Condomínio: R$ 6,00
IPTU: R$ 2,00

Quartos: 2 Área constr.: 120 m²
Suítes: 2 Área total: 150 m²
Salas: 2 Vagas: -

common rail diesel fuel pressure sensor-audi q7 fuel rail pressure sensor

Descrição do imóvel

#for audi q7 fuel rail pressure sensor#
#for bmw common rail fuel pressure sensor#
#for BMW Fuel Pressure Sensor#
#for bmw high pressure fuel pump sensor#
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#common rail diesel fuel pressure sensor#
juo sandy
sandy at china-lutong dot net

Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have low fuel consumption (30% lower than gasoline engines on average), and the price of diesel is lower, so the fuel economy is better; at the same time, the speed of diesel engines is generally lower than that of gasoline engines, and the torque is larger than that of gasoline engines. However, its quality is high, the noise during operation is high, the manufacturing and maintenance costs are high, and the emission is also worse than the gasoline engine. But with the development of modern technology, these shortcomings of diesel engines are gradually being overcome

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Apartamentos para Locação na cidade de Calçoene em AP-Amapá de 2 quartos com 2 suítes até 10,00

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